Sunshine Tour

Well we are half way through our stay in Portugal so thought it was time to log our progress.

The two National Events were great for getting our horses out and about and knocking off the cobwebs. Mata Du Duque was as always a great event. The going was near perfect and the Xc track was as good as an international in Europe. All our horses jumped double clear and although they were a little fresh in the dressage arena on the whole they got good scores and all got a too ten place. Fernhill Revalation was on the winners enclosure in the two star, closely followed by Boleybawn Fernhill who is in preparation for his first Three Star  in Barroca later in the tour.

Vale Sabrose National was our next stop and by this stage all horses were much more settled and posted good dressage scores. It was great to get a warm up in the main arena for the show jumping as this is a big imposing arena and the surface can get a little deep. Again the horses all had great sj and Xc rounds and we took the too four places!  Casano was the only one who was not himself, he is really a suffering with the rash they often get out here from the sand. It’s just like mud rash but is caused by sand not mud. They get really sore and its hard to cure.

So with those couple of events under our belt we had a good idea what we needed to work on for the up and coming International events.



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