Sunshine Tour preparation

19th January.

Carol headed out to visit Duarte and the horses in Portugal and to get things prepared for the Sunshine Tour , which is creeping up fast!!

A visit to see the Lupi family at Barroca was first on the agenda and of course lunch in “Bar Lupi” had to follow…would be rude not to!!!

Barroca as usual was a hive of activity and it was great to see everyone again, there really is no place quite like Barroca.

At Duarte’s home place, Valada, the Fernhill horses all looked great and were happy in the new stable block Duartes Father, Pedro has recently constructed especially for them. Each stable has a little gravel paddock  into which Duarte tells me he lets the horses out to sunbathe during the day!!!  Nice!!

We took some time to assess each horse and decide when and where he should run on the forthcoming tour.  They will all be out show jumping this coming weekend in Cnema  the local show jumping centre before contesting a National Event in Mata Du Duque the following week..

The last day of my visit was spent doing a bit of Horse shopping, though a purchase was not made some interesting prospects were spotted for Duarte to keep his eye on over the next couple of weeks.

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