Our Team

Our team, lead by Carol Gee, will give all the assistance you need to make sure that you find a horse that suits both your requirements and budget.

Carol Gee


She has competed all her life and represented Ireland at Championship level. As the business has grown Carol finds less time to compete at top level so leaves this these days to Fraser and the other members of our team. However she always has one or two on the circuit at one and two star level that she rides to keep her eye in and keep up with the changes within the sport.

Over her years as a competitior and producer of event horses she has developed a great skill for matching horses and riders and takes great pride in the results achieved. Her energy and enthuisiam for her job never wain and she is always ready to help you find your next champion.

Fraser Duffy


Fraser is our Chief Rider here in Fernhill.

Having represented Great Britain at both Dressage and eventing he now rides under the Irish flag.

He has represented Ireland on Nations Cup Teams and at Three star level.  He is a born winner and is patient and methodical in his production of the horses.

He is also one of Irelands top trainers and we hope this will benefit our younger members here.

Fraser is Carols right hand man and will always be on hand in her absence. Nothing is ever too much trouble for Fraser and he always goes that extra mile to ensure client satisfaction.

Sam McCleerey

11822669_1193220140693385_6881789796066576050_nSam is our newest member. She is a rider here at Fernhill.

Sam is 21 years old and comes from the US Florida. Sam started at a young age riding horses, she was just 5 years old. She had her first experience with eventing when she was 8 years old and from that moment on she knew that she wants to do eventing for the rest of her life.  Sam is a perfectionist, she wants everything to be perfectly done and that helps with training the horses.

Sam rode for Bock Davidson and Clayton Frederycks in Florida. She competed with her own horses at 1* eventing in the US.

Bart Kordus


Bart is our handy man, in charge of the stable yard, keeping the place spick and span.

He is a very friendly chap always happy to help with anything thrown at him, he keeps on top of DIY, mechanical work and also does a lot of our airport runs, collecting clients from the airport. He has a very sharp eye on top of the care and welfare of all our horses.

After 6 years service with us he is very loyal, extremely hard working and a big asset to our team.