I have been absent from my blog duties for a while but will try and bring you all up to speed with whats been happening with Fernhill since my last post!!
Well WEG came and went. Rebs was a cool dude and his dressage was most impressive for such a young horse in the atmosphere of the Kentucky arena.
He tok the cross country in his stride and was unphased by the big and wide fences that were a feature of the track.
Unfortunatley he studded himself in the elbow early on the cross country course and had quite a deep puncture wound. We made the decision not to show jump him on the final day, this was a difficult decision for Duarte but Rebs is only 9 and we wanted his first championship experience to be a good one. His long term goal is London and the experience in Kentucky was invaluable.
Rebs is now in Portugal with Duarte for the winter and was 2nd in the Portuguese National Championships last weekend. He was beaten by ex-stablemate Fernhill Casino now ridden by Ricardo Carrero, so well done Ricardo for keeping the Fernhill Flag flying out there.

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