Happy Christmas!

We celebrated Christmas time in style this year with fine dining, wine and plenty of laughs. We all dressed up… And no, for a change not in our green Fernhill jackets!


Fernhill residents

In keeping with the Fernhill colours and adding a bit of festive red we embraced the fun of Christmas by dressing up as Elves! We are all very hard workers at Fernhill and our social lives would not be at the top of our priorities so it was great to have an evening together as a team and enjoy ourselves! Dressed to the nines off we went into Kilkenny city centre, joined by our dressage trainers Sue Smallman and Doug Dobson. We went to a nice restaurant called Paris Texas which had a lovely Christmas menu, the food was delicious! We ate so much we just had to burn it off… Dancing in Matt the Millers of course!

Our Christmas party was not the same without Carol! Who has been jet setting across the world looking at horses. Her 5 week tour began just before the weather got too cold, and took her to Dubai and New Zealand. She is now horse spotting in Australia for the last stint of her trip! On Christmas day she will be having a BBQ on a sandy beach with the hot sun looking down on her. We are all really looking forward to seeing her back in the new year with a nice tan!


Manley beach, Australia

It has been a very busy few weeks here at Fernhill! We have been competing all our horses in combined training classes at Ger O’brian’s ‘Raheen Na Gun’ equestrian centre which has one of the countries best all weather  arenas. This league ran for 6 weeks throughout November and into December and was brilliant for us to get all our horses, especially the younger ones schooled to riding in a dressage arena and jumping around a course of fences in a competition environment. It was also good for us as riders to tune up our arena craft! And gear up our horses for the coming eventing season. We had some very successful results with Fraser Duffy receiving 9s in dressage even on his greener rides!

The last six weeks as always has been hectic with Christmas shoppers! We had many visitors from all across the world, Italy, America, Norway, Sweden, China, England, Scotland etc. and of course plenty of our Irish neighbours! All looking to find a four legged, bushy tailed (perfectly pulled in this case) friend. Of course we have plenty to show them! Everyone was really pleased with the selection they saw. This was followed by so followed by a lot vetting and shipping. One by one they all set off for new homes across the world. We had our last to leave only a couple of days ago! Who should arrive in California just in time for Christmas!


Last to leave before Christmas!

Their empty stables were quickly filled! Luckily there was plenty of horses out to grass waiting to take their spots! So we have a fresh batch of potential and proven Eventers to enjoy.

Happy Christmas everyone from the team at Fernhill.


Sue and Joe enjoying the Christmas party

Fraser, Sue and Terry

Fraser, Sue

Ewa and Keane

Ewa and Keane


Newest members of staff, Emily and Valentine

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