Express Eventing Part 2 30th January

The weather was slightly better for the second leg of the Express Eventing League on 30th January. The morning frost delayed the start of the cross country but by 1pm we were able to enjoy some sport.
There was a good turn out and spirits were high as we enjoyed the first taste of cross country this year!

My little baby Fernhill Nearly Darc won his class again, I am more excited with him each time I ride him.
Fauve our working pupil was 2nd and delighted with herself and by how much her dressage had improved in the week. She was riding Solo Voyage who is a great schoolmaster for her and should really be finding a new home with a junior wanting to contest the European Championships in Portugal this year.
Sophie was outright winner with Fernhill Luxury in the 90cms class, he is a real eyefull of a horse and really come into his own this season. She beat Fraser by a good margin on Fernhill Solar who is still a raw baby and will be a while untill he is fully mature.
Our 5 year old FEHL Champion from last year confirmed our faith in him and won the 1m class by a 5 point margin. Fraser took the third slot with Fernhill Doug another son of VDL Ard Douglas.
The first six slots in the 1.10 class were filled by Fernhill residents. Roscoe this week took the spoils and Favorite, Steve McQueen, Vriend, Xiquissimo and viper all slotted in behind.
All in all a good and educational weekend for all our horses, I think we now have a good idea what needs to be worked on before the season proper begins.

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