What an amazing event Camphire has become over the few years since gaining International status.

Congratulations to everyone involved in organising this spectacle of our sport but especially Paul and Alan who work tirelessly to provide a week to remember every year.

Special congratulations to our great friend and long time client Elisabetta Mornazoni who took second place in the very competitive one star section. This followed a great month in Ireland for Elisabetta and many of her students during which they also supported some Irish National events and brought a bit of colour and fun to Fernhill for the summer!

Our own Cayenne did a rather laboured dressage test in the baking heat, yes it was 32 degrees on dressage day! He was wrecked for the show jumping and had an uncustomary two rails down, which was a real shame as these cost him the winning of the class after he stormed around the xc.

Warren was in the CIC three star, his first time out at this level and was a bit brave jumping the drop to skinny and ran passed it during an otherwise copy book round.

But the star of the show for us was Treburgett who has had an action packed time since his arrival in Fernhill just a month ago! He finished a very credible 6th place in his first International two star and really impressed Fraser on the cross country. He was straight and honest and really enjoyed the step up to this level.

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