We were soaked to the skin this weekend at Campfire international. Luckily all the Fernhill horse had their dancing shoes on with all dressages in the 40s!

All were clear cross country apart from a couple of time penalties due to overnight rain.

Unfortuently Miss Fernhill who was lying in 4th placein the CCI 1 star lying on a score of 44 had to be withdrawn before the final trot up because she bruised her foot on a root cross country. She is now perfectly sound a day later but we think she is such a promising mare we will save her for another day! She is going to have a very exciting future!

Massive congratulations to Emma Doogal on ex Fernhill Resident, Fernhill Tobasco winning the CCI 1 star!

Fraser also had a very good spin on Fernhill Revelation in the CCI 3 star. The rain was horrendous and the ground was deep with mud but he showjumped fantastically with the first part of the last combination down. A cross country was exceptional but Fraser did not want to gallop his best horse too hard on the muddy ground and picked up a couple of  costly time penalties pushing him back into 11 place.

Fraser also had a great spin with Ardeo Design, finishing 10th in the CCI 2 star. It was this lovely thoroughbred’s first CCI 2 star and he is really showing his potential with a 47 dressage and clear cross country. he showjumped very well but the ground was very boggy costing him 2 fences.

Emily had her rides in the CIC 1 star. Her gorgeous Carrick Diamond lad bred Saunderscourt Diamond Lad finished 14th in the very competative 6 year old class. She had only been riding him less than a week beforehand and achieved a 47 dressage but again the rain paid its price and she had 2 showjumps on the floor. He was superb a cross country picking up no penalties in that phase.


Massive well done to organisers who coped excpetionally well with the weather conditions! And thank you to sponsors, owners and everyone involved with this very well run event!

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