A very early start on Saturday (3am) took us up the North to a new event on the calender, Ballyvannon.
It was a long drive up but an amazing Sunrise and quite roads made it a pleasant trip.
The owners of this new event had really put in a big effort in a relativley small area.The cross country was not a walk in the park and had some quite technical combinations, even the pre novice had a double of skinny barrels.
Mr Jones did his usual stunning dressage and clear sj to leave him in the lead going into the xc phase. However with Camphire in mind Sophie took him handy xc and he finished 2nd.
Luca made is Irish eventing debut at this event and finished a very respectable 2nd with Fernhill ASP.
Go-Go had a blonde moment at the road crossing and posted his only xc fault to date. Sophie was trying out a new bit and said it made him drift left, better to learn that here than at Camphire when he makes his frst International apperance!!
After a long drive home which also took in a Chinese take-away en route, we arrived back in Fernhill at 11pm.
A quick wash of the truck and re-pack ready for the Future Event Horse Finals in Tattersalls Sunday!!
The bed looks very inviting this evening but dont think I will get to stay there too long, leaving at 6.30am!!!

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