Another win!

Fraser is back on the winners podium  once again with Fernhill Ambassador after winning the CNC 2 star at Crecora last weekend! It was the Ambassador cruising gelding’s second run at intermediate level and he flew round  the very tricky cross country course which caused a lot of problems. The showjumping also caused chaos but this was no problem at all for this lovely grey horse. He gave every fence room to spare and jumped clear to win!

Emily was also in the CNC 2star as she moved her ride Fernhill Razzmatazz up a level. It was very strong for a first intermediate but Razz made it look easy. They were one of only two to go clear inside the time! Razz had an unlucky rail in the last combination but jumped class to put them in 3rd place!

Fraser also had his 6 year old Dexter in the CNC 1 star, he was his usually self and did a smart test and jumped double clear! He is one fab little horse and picked up another rosette for 2nd place!

Emily had another whoopsie moment with her pony. She took him to do the one star and with a 30.2 dressage she would have been in second place but managed to jump the wrong fence in the showjumping. It was a very big 1.10cm track and the pony jumped his heart out for her. As you can imagine Emily was not in the good books, but she went cross country anyway and jumped round like a little stag. He is a very brave little jumper. At least we know he can do it!

We also had three of our 5 year olds out competing in the prenovice. Fernhill Exchange by Shannondale Sarco, Sunshone Cavalier and Macho. It was a great outing for them all going clear crosscountry. They had a lot of tricky things to do, jumping little skinnies, a drop into water, a double of logs on a curve, trakners etc. They are definitely more grown up horses after their day out. Fraser and Emily chose to take them  steady, and give them a good experience and as the time was quite tight for the prenovice they picked up some time penalties which knocked then out of the ribbons. But we were delighted with our lovely younsters.

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